We are non-profit!

That means, that all of your donations are used to support our charitable objectives and that our work aims only at reaching these objectives and not at making profit. The keynote of our objectives is defined in our statutes as promotion of education development cooperation.
We pursue these objectives especially by supporting our partner project Chitenje and Tailors in Malawi, which gives the women a community in which they can learn. The support encompasses tangible and monetary means, which facilitate training and a safe environment for the women. In addition, Chitenje and Tailors receives support in organising the project from Taste of Malawi e.V.
The training for the women consists of workshops for sewing techniques, business skills and soft skills.
Furthermore, the organisation is supposed to act as a platform for cultural exchange between Malawi and Europe.

Due to legal reasons, Taste of Malawi e.V. is registered as Chitenje and Tailors in Malawi.
In Germany the finance office checks if we pursue our charitable objectives on a regular base. That means that you can be completely sure that your donation is used for supporting the aims we work for each day to cause a change.
We issue contribution receipts in February of the year following the donation.

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