We are three! – Taste of Malawi turns three today We are three! – Taste of Malawi turns three today


Drum roll...

It's our birthday!
We are three!

This special day is a good opportunity to get nostalgic und to look back at the past three years. That’s what we do today by showing you figures of what we are proud of! Everything you can see in the banner has been achieved thank to your big support.
Thank you! Without you Taste of Malawi wouldn’t be the same and couldn't have gone this far.

We would love to celebrate the upcoming year and to continue with our great project. In order to do so, we need yur support: Please take a moment, scrape together some money and give fifteen tailors a birthday present.
Twenty euros fund the material needed by one tailor to learn in one month.
Eight euros cover the expenses for the health insurance of the Malawian team.
Three euros fund a meal for all the people in the project.

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In this sense: Happy Birthday, herzlichen Glückwunsch, chaka chabwino

Learning for independence

Taste of Malawi is a young tailoring project in the warm heart of Africa, supporting local women on their way to independence. They receive a tailoring training and business workshops, enabling them to start their own tailoring business. Furthermore, the project offers them a broad network, which allows them to meet and connect with women, who are in the same situation. Hence, it is not only an educational institution but also a home-like safe place. Taste of Malawi also keeps advising women after they have completed their training program.

Tailor at Taste of Malawi e.V.

In addition to the project centre in Lilongwe, Taste of Malawi consists of a international, European group of young motivated volunteers. Team Europe takes care of tasks like fund-raising, selling the products the women sew in the project, public relations and general organisational issues. Most of the team members haven't finished their studies or formation yet, so not only our tailors in Malawi learn from the project, but the volunteers in Europe learn a lot the bigger the project grows and with each new challenge it faces.

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Afrikaner und Europäer lernen voneinander

15 March 2019
Stuttgarter Zeitung

Gleich zwei Mal hat Nadja Mühlhäuser einen kleinen Kulturschock erlitten. Das erste Mal, als sie nach Malawi kam, und ein zweites Mal, nachdem sie das südostafrikanische Land nach einem guten halben Jahr Aufenthalt verlassen hatte und sich wieder an den deutschen Alltag gewöhnen musste.

Afrikaner und Europäer lernen voneinander – Stuttgarter Zeitung Read more on our blog!

Busy sewing

Sad times! You won't find us on any markets or events in the next time, but our sales team is already looking for new occasions to spread the taste of Malawi. And as soon as they have found something, you will find something here – the next dates!
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