About the project

Taste of Malawi is a young tailoring project in the warm heart of Africa, supporting local women on their way to independence. They receive a tailoring training and business workshops, enabling them to start their own tailoring business. Furthermore, the project offers them a broad network, which allows them to meet and connect with women, who are in the same situation. Hence, it is not only an educational institution but also a home-like safe place. Taste of Malawi also keeps advising women after they have completed their training program.

In addition to the project centre in Lilongwe, Taste of Malawi consists of a international, European group of young motivated volunteers. Team Europe takes care of tasks like fund-raising, selling the products the women sew in the project, public relations and general organisational issues. Most of the team members haven't finished their studies or formation yet, so not only our tailors in Malawi learn from the project, but the volunteers in Europe learn a lot the bigger the project grows and with each new challenge it faces.

Bridget's story

Bridget started off as a tailor at Taste of Malawi and has learnt a lot since then. Now she is one of the teachers instructing the women learning in the project. Obviously, she has drastically improved her sewing skills in the meantime, but she also could have done that in a public tailoring school as well. But what she might not have found outside of Taste of Malawi is the occasion to try herself in the role of a teacher, to share her knowledge and skills, to work together closely with many other tailors, to work out production targets, stocks and orders with the management, and many things more.

Who learns with Taste of Malawi?



Learn for each other

Lucía I’ve heard of Taste of Malawi through Lisa, who studies International Business in Marseille with me and already was in the team. I was deeply impressed by the idea of a group of young students being in charge of a whole organisation, so I immediately said yes when Lisa asked me if I wanted to join the team. Working for Taste of Malawi has made me grow not only as a person but also professionally. Although I still study, I have already an opportunity to get best insights in the functioning of an NGO. This is a great complementary training to my university studies. The tasks that I am currently carrying out are helping me to develop fundamental skills for future challenges: I’m responsible for a group of people, take care of their needs and concerns, and also define and create new job opportunities. I feel very lucky to be part of a project brimming with good ideas, that I can contribute to and learn from at the same time.

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